Sunday, April 4, 2010

Proof that we CAN still have fun in the Army ;)

Photos from 1st Special Troops Battalion's Pre-deployment Ball fundraiser!

Our chain of command volunteered to stand in line and auction off a chance to throw pie in their faces.  The results were astounding.  With the money we raised, I'm sure our Ball is going to be phenomenal!

Spc. Balderas braves 30mph winds to hold our Battalion guidon strong!

 Even when we're having fun, we still get smoked for doing stoopid shit.

1st Sgt. Moser is more than a good sport... he's a HUNGRY one!

A Soldier grabs her pie, and goes for the gold.

Even if you're about to be clobbered, you can still chose to do it in style!

1STB Commander and Command Sergeant Major take their turn being pied.


 Paybacks are hell!  Even if you DO outrank everyone present.

                                      That may have been a litter more violent than anticipated!

 Well, thats about all I have for now folks. Just wanted to show you that, even in the face of chaos, we STILL know how to have a good time!

Miss you all,



  1. Still rather have my pie on a plate, or if it's a different kind of pie, then in the face is ok... :-)

  2. Oh lord. I think you may be on to something Doug ;)